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About us

Alexa Leather is a Bulgarian brand that makes harnesses, corsets and accessories from natural leather.

All our models are handmade with lots of love and attention to every detail. Each person is beautiful in their own way - there is no standard. Uniqueness is what makes each of us interesting, attractive and exciting. We need to embrace and show our identity because being yourself is the path to true happiness.

Alexa was born from our desire to emphasize the authenticity of each person, to help them rediscover their body and fall in love with their reflection. With this desire of ours in mind, we create one-of-a-kind items that will highlight your body in the most seductive way possible and reveal its incomparable beauty.

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Dressing is the best tool for self-expression.

A person subconsciously chooses his outfit according to the feelings he feels at the moment. That's why the Alexa range offers you both classic and casual, as well as daring and challenging designs, to allow you to find the perfect accessory for you. By wearing the accessories that match your identity, you help your own self to feel comfortable. Don't be shy to add bold touches to your styling because you will fall in love with the way you look and the world will be at your feet!

Alexa is not just a brand offering high quality accessories, Alexa is your guide in the world of secret desires, body learning and sexuality. Alexa is exciting, diverse and sexy. For some, it will become an experiment. For others in a conscious choice. And for the third in a rocket to new emotions. Experience new emotions and strengthen the relationship with your partner, through variety and dedication.

We are here to make every hour of your day special and every party more exciting!

Don't let your days be boring, spice them up with bold looks by trusting Alexa!

At Alexa, we believe that everyone should reveal themselves, be honest and not be afraid to satisfy their innermost desires. After all, true beauty is loving and appreciating yourself in any situation, and we give this opportunity to each of our clients. Therefore, in addition to our great author's models, we give you the opportunity to order a shirt according to your individual idea. Contact us, send us a drawing or photo! Together we will discuss the possibility of creating the unique harness or accessory as you see it.

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